PT. Cakra Bangun Tritama, is an Indonesian company, which is specialized in some business activities. The business started in 2009, at the beginning the name was PT. Cakra Bangun Indonesia. In the year 2006, there’s a change in the company involving Board of Directors and Owners, and the name was changed into PT. Cakra Bangun Tritama. As described in our motto, “We Are Solution Is The Best For U”, PT. Cakra Bangun Trimatra (CBT) is growing as an expert company in their field of activities. PT. CBT provides knowledge, consultation, design, supply and application, as one full system for the clients. PT. CBT is one single reliable partner, who does not just sell products. There are some values CBT is offering you : • You (the clients) are our reason for being. • Professional systems and people. • High quality performance by our technical department, was trained in Italy, Germany, UK, Singapore, And Lokal, is our competitive edge. • Design, knowledge, problem solving, hard working and innovation by our people. • Our company is being run by a management with a very deep experience in the fields. • Supported by biggest and leading manufactures in the world. At this moment, we are trusted and appointed as an Exclusive Distributor and License Applicator of some big European & US manufacturers, as follows : • HILTI, Germany It would be our pleasure for being your partner in any construction. Should you need further support, information and assistance, please fell free to contact us.

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